About COCO

COCO was founded by a team of 4 doxxed developers from The Netherlands. After 5 years of trading, we have seen and experienced a lot.
We have not just gotten to read hundreds of contracts, we were able to understand exactly what it takes for a coin to succeed. And what doesn’t.
We had seen enough scam, honeypots and rugpulls. That’s how COCO was founded. COCO is a project for real people, by real people. We are here to change the game and to make a positive impact.
Because only that way, we can prove them all wrong.

Meet Cocoin aka COCO.

COCO is a deflationary crypto currency.
The tokenomics are built in a way that 2% of each order gets burned and 2% of each order gets distributed to the holders.
How does that sound?

Let’s go COCO.

With love from The Netherlands, Europe.
Please find COCO’s contract here

The Coconomics

Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 COCOs


60,000,000,000,000 COCOs


380,000,000,000,000 COCOs

Initial burn

500,000,000,000,000 COCOs

Dev wallet

60,000,000,000,000 COCOs

For each trade, a 10% tax is applied

And we’d love to explain you how it’s allocated


Is taken to fund charities of the community’s choice. Let’s make an impact together. For those who need it the most.


The number of COCOs circulating will be reduced each time a trade is made, which will cause the price to increase.


This will cause a boost to your number of tokens. Your # of COCOs grows each time anyone else trades. Holding = rewarding.


An increasing price floor will be caused by transforming COCOs into BNBs. The LP is locked and inaccessible for 1 year.


Will be used to build a community that benefits us all. Innovations are decided on by you. Will it be our own De-Fi Exchange?

What makes COCO different?

We care for the community, we protect the community

We are anti whale

And when we say ‘whale’, we do not mean the beautiful ocean creatures. No, we mean the ones that cause the dips. During the pre-sale and fair launch, only a limited amount per holder can be purchased. At a later stage on PancakeSwap, when a holder managed to buy more COCOs and tries to trade more than 0,1% of the total supply, the trade will be rejected. This is done to protect the price movement.

We are against pump & dump

An additional 15% boost tax is added to each sell order from day 1 being live on PancakeSwap. When someone decides to sell, this percentage of COCOs is given to the holders instantly. 1% of the boost tax will be deducted every day, meaning it becomes 14% on day 2, 13% on day 3 and so on. On day 16, the additional boost tax is at 0. With the additional tax, we reward the holders who stick with us and try to prevent the dips that most coins experience during their first days. 

We are here to stay

COCO has not been incepted to leave anytime soon. We don’t just take part, we’re here to take over. COCO is a deflationary crypto currency with a long term strategy. You better get used to us, as we will be around for long. Are you with us?

Learn more

Are you interested to learn more about COCO? We’d love to explain you more, just check out the whitepaper for more info.

COCO's Timeline

  • Get whitelisted (CLOSED)


  • Pre-sale (CLOSED)

    9th of June

  • Fair-Launch (CLOSED)

    21st of June

  • PancakeSwap (DONE)

    23rd of June

COCO's Roadmap



Inception of COCO ✔️
Launch of website ✔️
Release whitepaper ✔️
Launch COCO’s socials ✔️

Launch COCO’s Telegram ✔️
Pre-sale registration ✔️
Community polls (round one) ✔️
Reward links for sharing ✔️

First influencers sharing ✔️
COCO’s Pre-sale ✔️
COCO’s Fair-launch ✔️



Integrate PancakeSwap ✔️
COCO’s Public sale ✔️
Contract audit
Listing CoinGecko ✔️
Listing CoinMarketCap
Listing on Blockfolio
Update website to improve UX
Social media advertising ✔️
Community polls (round two) ✔️
Charity donation (round one & two)
5 Influencers sharing
Further team expand ✔️



Large scale marketing campaigns
Charity donation (round three and four)
Community to decide on dev wallet purpose:

– COCO’s De-Fi Exchange /
– COCO’s Energy Drink /
– COCO’s Online store

Next: Launch of PHASE FOUR


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